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Designer package for HDB premium Design and Built flats


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   4 room     $8388   5 room    $8888 

  1. Supply and install L-box holder for living / dining hall ( maximum : 30ft )
  2. Supply and install false ceiling for kitchen entrance and bedrooms passage.
  3. Fabricate and install 6ft feature wall with display compartment in laminated finishing.
  4. Fabricate and install 5ft display feature wall for LCD TV in laminated finishing.
  5. Fabricate and install 5ft design suspended TV console in laminated finishing.
  6. Fabricate and install 6ft full height wardrobe in laminated finishing.
  7. Fabricate and install 20ft kitchen cabinet in laminated finishing.
  8. Supply and install stainless steel dish tray for kitchen cabinet.
  9. Supply and install 10ft post form table top.
  10. Supply and install inlet stainless steel piping for kitchen washing machine.
  11. Supply and re-locate PVC outlet piping for kitchen and washing machine.
  12. Supply labor to install kitchen sink and sink tap.
  13. Supply and painting whole house ceiling, wall and all PVC and gate.
  14. Chemical wash after all renovation work.
  15. Interior design and space planning.
  16. Perspective drawing.
  17. Material and color proposal and selection.
  18. Site co-ordination and supervision.
  19. Application of permit from relevant authorities (if required)


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